I am reaching out to voice concern about the photograph that is taken of clients when they check into the waiting room. They are unaware it is being taken, which is inherently problematic. Today a client checked in right after she'd just showered and was not yet dressed for the session. Upon checking in, she immediately sent me an IM via Doxy to tell me she'd be ready in just a minute (she needed to get dressed!) and would let me know when to start the call, and by doing so she saw in the message box the photo/avatar that was taken of her in just her bath towel, which she voiced her discomfort with. I'm writing to advocate for her and to request that Doxy changes their standard practice either by 1) no longer taking a photo of a client upon check in, or 2) giving the client an alert prior to taking any photo and asking for consent prior to the photo being taken. Thank you for your consideration to this important and sensitive matter.